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Northern Lights Tour

8.900 ISK

Northern Lights tour – Come and see Aurora Borealis with us! Operating always with local guides.


6 – 14 years: 50 %
0 – 5 years: Free of charge


3 – 4 hours


Tour in Small Group (max 19 pax)
Free pick up from hotels


September to mid April
Also as a PRIVATE – contact us for a quote

Pick Up Time

Sept.&March&April: 9:00 – 9:45 PM
Oct.& Feb.: 8:30 – 9:15 PM
Nov. to Jan.: 8:00 – 8:45 PM

Product Description

Northern Lights tour in Small Groups

Gateway to Iceland prides itself with a high success rate on viewing the Aurora when conditions were favorable. We do not make trips unless conditions are right. So go with the professionals at Gateway to Iceland to view this magnificent natural light show in Iceland.

  • The Northern Lights Tour is operated every day the conditions are right, including weather, clouds and solar activity. We do appraise the situation daily and before we make a decision on whether we go or not we look at all the latest data and weather reports. We only go out when we think it is a good chance to see the lights and sometimes the weather or solar energy is just not favorable (on average we cancel about 40% of the time).
  • The best thing to do is sign up for a Northern Lights Tour for the beginning of your visit, which gives you leeway in case conditions are not favorable on your preferred night. When making a booking, you will be asked to put up to two backup dates.  In case of cancellations we will automatically forward your booking to the next night’s pickup list according to your backup dates submitted. We guarantee seats for two backup dates, if the tour would be cancelled more days in a row, please contact us by phone or email to check the availability.
  • If you go out on tour with us and no lights are seen, you will receive a Northern Lights ticket that can be used for one of the following:
    • One free Northern Lights tour with us***
    • Free admission to the Aurora Reykjavík Museum
    • 2000 ISK discount on a day tour operated by Gateway to Iceland
      ***If you decide to go with us again on the Northern Lights tour, you must contact us as soon as possible and let us know when you would like to go again so we can reserve your seats (Your original backup dates you gave us are considered void at this point and will not be used to automatically re-book you. They are only used for rescheduling in case your first trip is cancelled). Contact us about each night you would like to do the second trip. Please note, once you go on a northern lights tour, no refund is possible even if you do not see the northern lights or do not use your ticket in one of the ways as described above. You can always keep your ticket for your next visit to Iceland!
  • For more detailed information regarding rules of tours, pleas see our Terms and conditions.
  • Please make sure to verify the tour is going ahead on the very day of the tour, choose from the following options:
  • WEBSITE: At 6:30 pm each day we will post it on our website if we need to cancel the tour.
  • HOTEL – FRONT DESK:  After 6:30 pm each day we will send notices to hotels
  • PHONE: After 6:30 pm give us a call; +354 534-4446.

Price for a regular tour is 8.900 ISK per person

Private Northern Lights LUXURY TOUR

  • 1-4 people – Price  99.000 ISK per trip (not per person)
  • 5-7 people – Price  105.600 ISK per trip (not per person)

This is your own little private tour. The same “rules” apply as listed above, we won’t take you out unless the conditions are right. Hot chocolate, coffee and baked goods included. You can also opt out of Luxury and book only a Private Northern Lights tour without the refreshments for (89.800 ISK / 93.600 ISK). For bigger groups or other private tours please see our Private Tours HERE.

To book Private Northern Lights tour, use this booking form or send us email or call us.


Alternate pickup times according to daylight hours

  • November – January between 8:00 – 8:45 PM
  • October & February between 8:30 – 9:15 PM
  • September & March & April between 9:00 – 9:45 PM

BOOK your tour WELL IN ADVANCE, the tours are getting sold out very quickly.

Frequently asked question:
Can we do Northern Lights tour after a day tour? Is there enough time?

– Yes you can do the Northern Lights tour after Hot Golden Circle, South Shore or Snæfellsnes. It collides only with the Glacier Lagoon tour.



Getting ready for Northern Lights tour?
Get 10 Useful Tips How to Take Photos of Northern Lights here.

How to photo NL


Free second trip if we go and Mother Nature does not cooperate (give us a call to reserve your seat!) or a ticket to the Aurora Reykjavik Center. Please call Gateway to Iceland to reconfirm or have your hotel contact Gateway to Iceland to ensure that the tour is scheduled to operate. All tours require a minimum number of participants in order to operate; 5 persons. Gateway to Iceland reserves the right to delay, alter or cancel any tour due to weather or any other unsafe conditions for the safety of our clients. We provide full refund if the tour is cancelled and you never get to go to the tour.
The last departure of this winter season is scheduled for April 15th, 2017 if the tour is cancelled, there is no option for re-booking for the following nights. If the departure on April 15th goes ahead and no lights are seen, there is no option for a free second trip in the following days, the customers can use their second free option on their next visit of Iceland.


lacey w (Huntington Beach, California)

“Private tour Northern Lights”

We had a great experience with this company and the our guide/owner, gummi. It was our last night in Iceland, and the weather had been bad all week so we never even attempted the northern lights. Finally, on our last night, the skies cleared and the prediction was a 3. Our plan was to rent a car and drive around on our own looking for them so around 6:05pm we started calling car rental companies. As it turned out, they all closed at 6 so we turned to calling companies for a private driver/car. Even at 6:30pm most companies said it was too last minute and that our only option was to join the 40-80 person bus tour that left at 8:30 and lasted 6-8 hours. This was not what we had in mind, so we kept calling until finally we stumbled upon this company on google and they had a driver! Our private guide and van picked our group of 4 up at our hotel at whatever time we wanted. We were disappointed when the light forecast went down to a 1, and considered canceling last minute but our guide was hopeful and talked us into it. It was awesome! We drove out to a spot that only locals would know of and had a great showing of the lights. Little did we know, you can't really capture the lights with a smart phone camera, but one of us did bring a real camera. Our guide, gummi, tripod in tow, helped us with the camera settings and even tried to take pictures with our camera. When they were not coming out as we planned, he pulled out his own camera and started taking pictures of the lights and of us which he later emailed to us. It was a great time. We stayed out for a total of 3 hours, had the flexibility to end it whenever we wanted and not stay up all night. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and told us interesting facts about iceland. We would have never of found the lights if we had rented our own car and I highly recommend this company.


“Fantastic tours with an excellent, passionate guide”

I can honestly not recommend this company enough! We had two fantastic tours with them for the Northern Lights and to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

In my opinion, the glacier lagoon was the icing on the cake. Unmissable! Firstly I think it's important to state just how good our guide was. We were lucky enough to have Gummi (the owner of the company) for both tours and he really is so passionate about his job, his country and the places you visit. His knowledge of the places we passed along the way went much further than merely pointing out obvious facts. The tour felt like a personal journey as he immersed us in historical and geographical information, and told us interesting stories about people and places which may have otherwise seemed insignificant as we passed them by. He really puts the customer first as he made it clear that any time we wanted to stop the bus for a photo opportunity was absolutely fine. To demonstrate this, it is a 14 hour tour to Jokulsarlon, but our tour lasted nearly 16... Sorry Gummi, I know it was a late one!

I also highly recommend the Northern Lights tour. We were picked up from the main bus station and we saw other tours where up to 5 large coach loads of people were herded into a cramped bus like cattle. We were taken to several different spots (and saw the lights). Mainly because Gummi wanted to ensure that we had every opportunity to see them at their best.

Thank you Gateway to Iceland for making our holiday a truly memorable experience!

Stephanie H (London, United Kingdom)

“Northern Lights & Hot Golden Circle Tour with GTI - Amazing”

We went to Iceland from the 6th March to the 9th March 2015 and had such a fantastic time. After reading several reviews on different tour companies we decided to go for GTI tours and we were so pleased we did and trusted the reviews. The tour guides were fantastic and so friendly, they made the effort with everyone and continuously fed us with information. We had Gunnar for our golden circle tour who was so lovely and we had Gummi for our nothern lights tour. The Golden Circle tour is a must you get to see so much, you see where the teptonic plates meet, geysers and the beautiful waterfall at Gulfoss ending with a dip at the hot spring, they provide towels so just bring your swim stuff. showers and lockers are there as well as a place to get a snack and a drink. The northern lights tour was long but was so worth the wait as we were lucky enough to see the lights just before we went to leave. every effort was made so we could see them. They are truly magical and so worth seeing. I am glad we chose GTI and would definitely recommend them rather than a tour company that takes tonnes of people out.

10/10!! Thank you so much GTI!!

Chris M (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

“Go for it”

We decided to step up a notch and go for the luxury private version of the Northern Lights Tour and although it was a little pricey I think we all felt it was worth it. We booked for a Friday night but the company wouldn't take us out - quite right too, it was clouded over and conditions weren't favourable - but rearranged us for the next night with no bother at all. Saturday's conditions were perfect and we were able to see a marvellous display. Breathtaking.
We were collected from our apartment and taken out into the countryside in a big warm and comfy 4x 4 well stocked with hot chocolate, tea and coffee, and loads of cakes, biscuits and Icelandic pastries.
We were all well-prepared with our woollies and thermals but the night was nose-biting cold so it was good to be able to get back into the big warm vehicle to thaw out between viewings.
The explanations of the Northern Lights were really illuminating (pun intended) and the commentary from the guide was an interesting glimpse into Iceland and the Icelandic life.
To cap it all, the guide took some really good photos of the lights we saw, including some with us all in (proof!) and these were emailed to us afterwards by the company.
All in all I am happy to recommend you to this tour.

Mishy77 (London)

“Northern Lights Tour”

If I could give this rating a 100 I would. Can't say enough good about GTI. Our guide was Steinthor, very funny and imformative and really knew what he was talking about. Most people I believe went to some lighthouse, Steinthor took us to what he said was his favourtie spot, some 400m above sea level. The northern lights have been a lifelong dream for me and the official activity scale was shown as a '9' for Tuesday 17th March, but even this was still not a guarantee. On the way Steinthor told us his own personal scale from 1-10 on how he judges a NL show (never seen a 10 and only once a 9). One the drive up, there they were in all their glory, we pulled over and stood out for around 5 mins and just watched in awe. We were rounded up and Steinthor wanted to take us higher up and further out where it would be better. When we got there......WOW! I had dreamt of the moment a million times, but this was beyond my wildest dreams. It was still only a 5 on the Steinthor scale, then it went crazy the lights got brighter,bthey started to dance and then the purple colour came out along with the green. We heard Steinthor go from 'it's a 5' through to 6 & 7, then wildly shouting 'it's and 8' at that moment, we all knew just how lucky and incredible this night was. To hear him so excited meant it had to be special. We must have been in the -11 degree C for 2 hours. A few times people wanted to get back in the car to put stuff back or warm up for 5 mins and nobody was made to feel like this was a problem. The elsuive Northern Lights are the most beautiful thing you will ever see, and this is a great company to do it with as it is a small minibus (around 15 of you) so their is no rush and if feels more personal. If you book with GTI, hope you are lucky enough to have Steinthor as your guide too. If you don't see the lights, the view of the stars alone is well worth the trip. Its so rare and hard to find places (especaily in the UK) with no light pollution to see the true night sky.

sbizzle91 (Lymington, United Kingdom)

“Northern lights and hot golden circle!”

If you're choosing between tour companies I would definitely recommend GTI. They seem to take smaller groups in a mini bus as opposed to huge coach loads of tourists so you get a more personalised feel to the trip.

For the lights, our driver Gumi (spelling?) was fab. V knowledgable and passionate about the lights and helping people with their cameras to get the best pics. Went to 3 separate spots to get the best lights, and they didn't disappoint!! Truly stunning!

aarti g

“Fabulous travel agency!”

I was impressed with GTI before I even went to Iceland. I contacted them prior to my trip and they answered all my questions quickly. I booked three tours--hot golden circle, glacier lagoon, & northern lights. The guides were knowledgeable and the smaller group enhanced the experience. I highly recommend this company and would definitely use them again!

mpg08_12 (London, UK)

“Can't go wrong with their Northern Lights tour!”

After researching a wide range of companies for Northern Lights tours I decided to go ahead with Gateway to Iceland due to their assurances if we didn't see anything on our first outing as well as the reviews I had read.

I looked up the forecast in advance and picked what I thought would be the best day. We were picked up on time and headed out to the location they thought would be best that night. Things weren't looking good with respect to the weather on the way out as there was a heavy snow storm. Our guide/driver was not very optimistic and carried on driving to our location.

We were in luck driving down the carriageway when the snow suddenly stopped and clear skies emerged... looking out the window we could see flickers of the northern lights! We stopped at a safe place and got out to watch and take some photos. Our guide described this as about 4-5 on his scale of out 10. After 15 minutes or so we decided to drive a little further down to another location. On the way we saw the most magnificent lights we could have ever imagined. We were fortunate to get out and watch the lights on show for a further half hour. Our guide described this as a 9/10, and he'd only ever seen what he described as a 9.5.

We were hugely fortunate to go out on the best night to see the Northern Lights. Gateway to Iceland were brilliant in organising the tour and keeping you up to date on their website if the tour was going ahead. The guide explained his knowledge of the phenomenon whilst we were on our way to the location.

A great start to our holiday in Iceland and another unforgettable experience. If you need a tour for the Northern Lights, these are your guys!

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