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South Coast – Seljaladsfoss by Chris Mastnak
South Coast – Reynisfjara LVSouth Coast – Skogarfoss by Chris Mastnak.DSC_2718_1dyrholaey black beach_headerSouth Coast – View from dyrholaey to VikSouth Coast – PuffinsSouth Coast – Solheimajokull by Gauti EirikssonBasalt columns at ReynisfjaraGeothermal Energy ExhibitionGeothermal Powerplant Hellisheidi on South Shore Adventure TourGeothermal Powerplant at HellisheiðiGeothermal Energy Exhibition

South Shore Adventure

From 14.500 ISK

Take the ever-popular South Coast tour of Iceland to explore diverse nature at its best: glacier, cliffs, waterfalls, black beaches and a lot more! Operating always with local guides!

Main Sights:

  • Seljalandsfoss & Skogafoss waterfalls
  • Solheimajökull glacier
  • Reynisfjara shore and black sand beach
  • Dýrholaey puffins’ cliffs (mid summer)
  • Geothermal Energy Exhibition (only until March 31st)
  • Vík village and sea stacks (from April 1st)
  • Price for tours until March 31st: 15.900 ISK
  • Price for tours after April 1st: 14.500 ISK



6 – 14 years: 50 %
0 – 5 years: Free of charge

Pick up between

8:30 – 9:00 AM


10 – 11 hours


Thursdays & Sundays
From April 18th: Mon. & Thu. & Sat.


Tour in Small Group (19 pax max)
Free pick up from hotels

Product Description

On this tour, you will travel east along Iceland’s south shore and visit two magnificent waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss, a tall thin beauty of 63 meters which you can walk behind and Skogafoss, a 60-meter roaring giant that you can approach as close as you dare. There is also the beautiful black sand Reynisfjara beach, Iceland’s southernmost point with a few magnificent sea caves to explore. Basalt columns rocks are surrounding the beach and you have the view to a stunning sea stack (rumored to be one of the Trolls playing in the sea but caught in the rising sunlight turning to stone). In mid summer we will possibly see puffins, unique and very photogenic seabirds, at amazing rock formations at Dyrhólaey cliffs. We’ll also visit the glacier snout of Solheimajökull, an ever-changing and moving natural wonder. Iceland is famous for its Geothermal Energy and on this tour, you will get to visit the

Iceland is famous for its Geothermal Energy and on this tour you will get to visit the Hellisheiði Powerplant.

Tours until March 31st: price 15.900 ISK – tour includes Geothermal Energy exhibition
Tours after April 1st: price 14.500 ISK – tour visits Vík i Mýrdal village and black sand beach instead



All departures require a minimum number of participants in order to operate; 4 persons. Gateway to Iceland reserves the right to delay, alter or cancel any tour due to weather or any other unsafe conditions for the safety of our clients. Tours from April 1st will no longer visit the Geothermal Exhibition, Vík i Mýrdal villlage and black sand beach with the sea stacks will be visited instead.

Rick H (Baltimore, Maryland)

“Competent tour of South shore attractions”

The "South Shore Adventure" day trip fromReykjavik is a great introduction to this part of Iceland. Better with sunshine I am certain but adaptations were made by our guide to mitigate this. Our guide, who's name I shall not try to spell, was knowledgable about anything one could imagine asking about. The smaller size of the vehicle and group was advantageous for efficient maneuvering and getting in and out to visit compared to a tour bus. All of the goals of the trip were well met.

Bonbonaya (New York, NY)

“Excellent Experience!”

My husband and I did the South Coast tour with Gateway to Iceland this August. It was an excellent tour. Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the sights, but also shared with us his opinions, thoughts, and insights to other aspects of Icelandic society and culture. The tour was also small-- 7 people (including ourselves)-- which made for a very intimate and personable experience. We highly recommend Gateway to Iceland.

Mary W Silver Creek

“South Shore Excursion with Gateway to Iceland”

We had been searching for a small tour bus to take us on the South Shore excursion. I'll be honest, we tried to book with another one first but it was full. We do not regret it! Gummie picked us up at our hotel right on time in a small minibus. After picking up the rest of the passengers, we headed out. Don't be fooled by how quiet Gummie appears at first. As soon as you get on the road, he begins to fill you in on the history, the culture and the geology of the area. How one person can know so much is beyond me. We enjoyed the beautiful countryside with Gummie pointing out particular areas of interest. We stopped along the way to take pictures. Of particular interest to me was the area where Eyajafallajokull erupted in 2010. Gummie was able to share his firsthand experience with us which made it all the more interesting. One thing I really loved was our
unscheduled stop by the side of the road to see Icelandic horses. Gummie called them over to the fence and they came right up to us! Bring some crackers or bread with you. They'll eat it right out
of your hand! I had been trying to get good pictures of the horses throughout my trip, and Gummie
brought them right to me! We stopped at the beautiful Skagos waterfall and walked around for as long as we wanted. I loved Gummie's reply when someone asked how long we had. He said,
"That's an interesting question. You are here to enjoy so go and enjoy." That was so freeing, but not one of the 14 passengers abused the privilege. We took what time we needed and got back on
the bus when ready. We went and saw the black sand beaches at Vik. The wind was so fierce there shortly after our arrival it was difficult to stand, but that made for unforgettable memories of the roar of the waves and the imposing cliffs. We ate in a diner right there, and the food was quite good. Try the lamb stew!
We also walked up to the tongue of a glacier. I was a little leery about walking up the icy path, but Gummie showed me exactly where to step, and he even kicked up some fine gravel to make the path less icy. I was glad I took the chance, because the tongue was an amazing thing to see. The ice was such a clear blue and it was swirled in amazing formations.
Bad weather had been predicted for late in the day, and sure enough it arrived on the drive back. The snow came fast and furious with the winds blowing the snow around. Visibility was zero. I had
a front row seat, and I couldn't see anything! Gummie calmly drove us through the treacherous mountain passes with supreme artistry. He didn't get rattled, and he assured us that he knew what he was doing as he'd had many years experience. Before long we were out of the worst of it, and Gummie safely delivered us all to our doorsteps. If I ever return to Iceland, I will be sure to book all my tours with Gateway to Iceland!

Tanton J (Logan, Utah)

“Visit Iceland like a local”

Have you ever wanted to really know the history of a place you're visiting? Gateway to Iceland is probably the closest I have ever been to feeling like I was actually a local. I was lucky enough to get Gummi as my tour guide on multiple tours and this made my trip to Iceland significantly better. He shares stories about all the important parts as he takes you to the most picturesque locations Iceland has to offer. The South Coast tour, Lagoon tour, and Hot Golden Circle tour are all musts (and they offer package discounts!). All these tours are a must if you want to see waterfalls, learn what it really means to be Icelandic, or just see the most beautiful parts of the country. I will be returning to Iceland in winter to see the Northern Lights and I will definitely be booking that tour with Gateway To Iceland! Thanks Gummi for making me feel right at home my whole time in Iceland!

SM33414 (West Palm Beach, Florida)

“Wonderful tour”

I booked the South Shore Adventure Tour in just a week ago and had a remarkable experience. Our tour guide Arlinggood was friendly and provided us with a near constant stream of interesting information and facts. He answered all of our questions and really took the time to make sure our tour was not just point A to point B, he took the time to stop and explain things as well as to see other things that may be of interest.

Oscarnappy (New York City, New York)

"great time, great guide, would do again"

very nice tours. i did the Snaefellsness peninsula and the southern tour. had a great time with amazing photos.

Ilya L (Demarest, New Jersey, United States)

South Shore excursion and Golden Cirle tour

We took two tours with this company. The guide picked four of us up in the small bus along with 10 other people. While it sounds like a big group, it's not. The sites were spectacular like most of Iceland and the tour guide, Auður, was so SUPER NICE! Made everyone feel comfortable, and despite soaking rain and wind on one of the tours (Icelandic weather IS as unpredictable as they say) - we had a great time. History, geology, waterfalls, horseback riding, etc... One of the best tours! I'm definitely coming back!

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