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Gateway to Iceland never operates with more than 19 people. In our opinion having smaller groups is much better so here are 10 reasons why.
  1. The group controls the pace. You won‘t ever feel rushed so if you want to stop somewhere longer it won‘t be a problem.HGC
  2. We can adjust the itinerary and make some stops that weren’t planned. Maybe feed those cute horses by the side of the road? Or you really have to use the bathroom, again!horses stop
  3. Get to know your fellow travelers and maybe even eat lunch together. April who left us a review on trip advisor said „We started as strangers and ended as friends“, we couldn’t word it any better way.
  4. Get to know your guide – are they married or a lone ranger? You’ll get to know the company on a much more personal level.Get to know your guide
  5. You won’t ever feel like you’re lost in a crowd of tourists.
  6. If you’re shy it will be much easier to ask questions.Gummi_Glacier Lagoon-
  7. Smaller groups also mean smaller buses which allows us to get to places that bigger buses simply couldn’t get to.
  8. It is a personal tourGummi_
  9. You will actually save time – It takes a long time for 50 people to get off and on a bus after every single stop!
  10. Once you get picked up from your hotel the tour begins and you won’t have to worry about wasting time transferring to another bus.


By: Solveig Seibitz


Dog Sledding Iceland

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