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Private Northern Light Tour

Northern Lights

You are about to book your own private Northern Lights tour.
Gateway to Iceland, will not proceed out with a tour unless we feel very confident of a positive result. We check all forecasts to try and ensure we only take you out on a night when we think you will see them. Remember you and we are working with Mother Nature, she is not always that helpful!

Please check carefully the price structure and note that we do not offer second nights free or provide refunds if there are no lights showing.

We do not take instant same day bookings for Northern Lights for the above reasons and the complexity of finding a driver guide and servicing a vehicle in time.

We do however require to know the dates that you can go out if Mother nature obliges us.

Please phone 00354 534 4446 if you have any issues or questions.

If you are planning ahead please complete the form below .  Once we have received the form, we will check that we can accommodate your request, it will be too early to confirm about Northern Light success rates.

You will receive a secure payment link. Direct with a card handler, not us.
Cancellation/re-booking terms: more than 5 days prior to departure: 10 % cancellation fee. Less than 5 days prior to departure: the full price will be charged

If you still wish to proceed with the tour there will be no refund and the full amount taken.

Request Private Northern Lights tour

Please choose one of the group sizes that will provide enough seats for your group.

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