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Terms and Conditions

Gateway to Iceland

Terms and Conditions of Day Tours and Northern Lights Tours


Payments for tours are collected while booking.

Transfers require a payment no later than 24 hours before arrival.


Cancellations or change of reservations by customers

Small group tours operated by Gateway to Iceland have a 10 % cancellation fee (that means a 90 % refund) when cancelled more than 24 hours prior to departure. When a cancellation is received less than 24 hours prior to the departure the full price of the tour will be charged and no refund will be made. (This cancellation policy may also apply when a tour has been booked through a third party.)

Private tours operated by Gateway to Iceland have a 10 % cancellation fee (that means a 90 % refund) when cancelled more than 5 days prior to departure. When a cancellation is received less than 5 days prior to the departure the full price of the tour will be charged and no refund will be made.

Partner tours have different cancellation policies. Please see details in the tour descriptions.

No Show
When a passenger is not present at the submitted pickup place at the beginning of the pickup time, the driver-guide is obliged to continue the pickup of other passengers and is allowed to start the tour without the missing passenger (in order to not delay the tour for the rest of the passengers). This is considered a “No Show” and no refund will  be provided.


Right to alter or cancel tours

Gateway to Iceland reserves all rights to delay, alter or cancel tours due to weather or any unsafe conditions for safety reasons.

There is a minimum number of passengers set for standard Day Tours and Northern Lights tours, this number is stated in the tours’ description. Gateway to Iceland has the right not to operate a tour when the minimum number of passengers has not been reached.



Refunds of Day-tours cancelled before departure by Gateway to Iceland

When a tour has been prepaid online, a full refund will be issued unless the customer wishes to re-book for an alternative date.

If a Northern Lights tour has been cancelled by Gateway to Iceland and you have not submitted backup dates or contacted us to re-book within 48 hours, you will automatically receive a full refund.
If the booking has been made through a third party, please inquire the third party for the refund.


Refunds of delayed, altered or shortened tours after the departure

When a tour is altered or delayed due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances, no refunds are provided if the tour still operates.

When the tour is shortened after the departure due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances a partial refund may be provided. The percentage of the refund is calculated according to how much of the initial itinerary has been completed. This does not apply if it is already stated in the tour’s description that some stops might not be accessible.


Special offers

It is possible to book multiple day tours as one product which is called a Special Offer.

Cancellation of the whole Special Offer

If cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the first day tour or airport transfer (if booked), a 10% cancellation fee will be charged.
If cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the first day tour or airport transfer (if booked), the full price will be charged.


Partial cancellation of the Special Offer

The special offer discount (15%) applies only when the tours are purchased together as part of this offer. By cancelling any of the tours within this special offer, the discount is no longer valid, and therefore any refunded amount will be the difference of the total special offer price and the regular prices of the remaining tours.


Please note:

Gateway to Iceland reserves the right to change the itinerary of the day tours, as well as delay, alter or cancel any of the tours due to weather or any other unsafe conditions for the safety of our clients. We also reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any of the day tours if the minimum number of passengers (4) is not reached. In these cases of cancellation, we will refund you the discounted price of the cancelled tour.



All entrance fees within the tours are included in the tours prices, unless stated otherwise in the description of the tours.



Drinks, food or other refreshments are not included in the tours, except Private Luxury Northern Lights tours. Swim wear and towels are not included on the Hot Golden Circle but can be rented at the Secret Lagoon.


Northern Lights Tours’ terms

The Northern Lights Tour are operated every day from September to mid April when conditions are favorable, including weather, clouds and solar activity. The best approach is to sign up for a Northern Lights Tour at the beginning of your visit, which gives you leeway in case conditions are not favorable on your preferred night.

  • Gateway to Iceland carefully monitors solar and weather conditions daily before making a decision on whether to go or not. We look at all the latest data and weather reports. We only go out when we think it is a good chance to see the lights and sometimes the weather or solar energy is just not favorable.
  • In case of cancellations we will automatically forward your booking to the next night’s pickup list, according to backup dates submitted.
  • If you go out with us and no lights are seen you can go again with us the next night we operate, free of charge or, if you prefer, receive a ticket to the Aurora Reykjavik museum, a good choice to have if the forecast for the next few days is totally cloudy. If you want to go out again, please contact us as soon as you can so we can reserve seats for you on the next operating tour.
  • Please make sure to verify the tour is going ahead on the very day of the tour, choose from the following options:

–  WEBSITE: At 6:30 pm each day we will post on our website if we go or need to cancel the tour,

–  HOTEL – FRONT DESK:  After 6:30 pm we will send notices to hotels,

–  PHONE: After 6:30 pm give us a call; +354 534-4446.


Refunds for tours which have operated
When a Northern Lights tour was decided to operate and the passenger was present on the tour, then there is no right to demand a refund even if no Northern Lights have been seen. Gateway to Iceland makes its best effort to make the right decision whether to operate the tour or not based on careful analysis of all forecasts, both weather and solar activity.

If you go out on tour with us and no lights are seen, you will receive a ‘Northern Lights ticket’ that can be used for one of the following:

–       One free Northern Lights tour with us***

–       Free admission to the Aurora Reykjavík Museum (aurorareykjavik.is).

–       2000 ISK discount on a day tour operated by Gateway to Iceland

***If you decide to go with us again on the Northern Lights tour, you must contact us as soon as possible and let us know when you would like to go again so we can reserve your seats (Your original backup dates you gave us are considered void at this point and will not be used to automatically rebook you. They are only used for rescheduling in case your first trip is cancelled). Contact us about each night you would like to do the second trip. Please note, once you go on a northern lights tour, no refund is possible even if you do not see the northern lights or do not use your ticket in one of the ways as described above. You can always keep your ticket for your next visit to Iceland!


Private Northern Lights tours terms

Private Northern Lights tours terms follow the same rules as standard Northern Lights tours described above. In case a Private Northern Lights tour was operated without valid sighting of the Northern Lights, then the passengers receive the same “discount ticket” as from standard tours and thus they have the right to participate on a free standard Northern Lights tour.


Pick-ups / drop-offs

Pick-ups are included in the tour prices and are provided from most of registered hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Reykjavik or from designated bus stops in case the accommodation is located in the restricted area (please note: we do not pickup from neighboring towns such as Hafnarfjörður, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Garðabær, Mosfellsbær and others). If you need help to find the closest hotel to your private accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please be ready outside the hotel or in the lobby; if there is no lobby please be ready outside the building from the beginning of the pickup time.

Pick-up times are given in the tours’ descriptions and generally take 30 minutes (up to 45 minutes for the Northern Lights tours). However, due to traffic conditions or having to locate clients, pickups may take longer.

Please make sure you do not board another companies van or coach, some do not check your voucher and if you are not at the designated pick-up location, we must continue with our pick-up to not delay the tour for other customers.

Drop-offs are provided at the same places as pick-ups unless otherwise arranged with the driver/guides.



All tours are guided in English. For tours guided in another language, please contact Gateway to Iceland, to see what is possible.



No responsibility is taken for losses or expenses due to delay or changes of flights, injury, damaged, negligence, weather, war or other unforeseeable causes – force majeure. The estimated duration of tours as indicated on our website, are standard times and can vary according to road or weather conditions. Punctuality is a key objective to Gateway to Iceland’s operations. However, delays may occur for unforeseen reasons. The company cannot be made responsible for losses that a passenger may face due to delay, regardless whether the loss is direct or indirect.


Special Needs

When a passenger has any special needs or requests, please notify Gateway to Iceland as soon as possible. We try to fulfill our customers’ wishes and needs at all times.

Comments or Complaints

Gateway to Iceland welcomes all clients to comment and provide feedback on the tours; the recommended way is to send us an email to info@gtice.is.  Gateway to Iceland always strives to provide the best service possible. If you are not satisfied with the services for any reason please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading through terms and conditions of Gateway to Iceland. We welcome you to participate on our tours. Do not hesitate to contact us via phone daily 7:30 am – 10:00 pm GMT, emails will be answered during office opening hours:

Monday – Sunday:  7:30 am – 10:00 pm GMT

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