Gateway to Iceland

Reykjavík area pick-up locations

The City of Reykjavik has issued a ban of bus traffic in the downtown area. There are designated bus stops, all located at the edges of the ban zone.  City council estimates that “80% of accommodation within the affected area are within 200 meters from the closest [bus stop]”. 

PLEASE NOTE: These bus stops for tour buses are not the same as the bus stops for city buses. The tour bus stops have a blue pillar with pink bus sign at the top and the number and name of the bus stop. The city bus stops have a yellow “S” in a red circle (S as Strætó – city bus). Please do not wait at the city bus stops! 

Once you submit/confirm with us a specific bus stop, please meet us exactly at that bus stop and not any other. 

Pick up places 

If your accommodation is in the restricted area, you can find here your closest designated pickup location.
Please note, different companies may ask you to meet them at a different bus stop, so always check your voucher/communication with the tour operator. 

General information on pickups 

If you need help to find the closest hotel to your private accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us

Please be ready at your designated pickup location from the beginning of the pickup time. 

Pick-up times are given in the tours’ descriptions and generally take up to 30 minutes.
However, due to traffic conditions or having to locate guests, pickups may take longer.

Please make sure you do not board another company’s van or coach. Some do not check your voucher!
If you are not at the designated pickup location, we must not delay other guests. 

Drop-offs are provided at the same places as pickups unless otherwise arranged with the driver/guides. 

Please have your phone on and ready to receive a phone call during the pickup, if needed 
(and make sure you have provided us with a correct phone number to contact you).

NOTE there is no bus stop 2 or 7 at the moment due to construction and road changes.

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