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About Us – Meet the Gateway to Iceland Team!

We are an independent Tour Operator and Inbound Travel Agency, a tour company specializing in travel arrangements in Iceland for individuals and small groups.

Combining extensive travel knowledge and hands-on practical experience, we aim to be, perhaps not the biggest, but certainly the most progressive and influential tour operator in the industry. We provide guided day tours in Iceland, mostly day tours from Reykjavik, evening aurora tours and private tours. All our tours are operated in small groups only! We take our passengers on all tours solely on minibuses, not big buses!

Gateway to Iceland was established in 2011; each year we have been awarded the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence and we are also a proud member of TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame.

Our services are certified by Vakinn which is the official quality system within Icelandic tourism.

Valgerður Knútsdóttir “Valla”

Owner / CEO

I’m retired from my job as a pre-school teacher for special needs children so now I take care of the staff at Gateway to Iceland.

My favorite place in Iceland is Arnarstapi on our Snæfellsnes tour.

Guðmundur Sigurðsson “Gummi”

Owner / guide

Hi, I’m Gummi (Guðmundur). One of my favorite things to do is to guide which is why you will frequently see me on our tours.

There is not one favorite place in Iceland because all of Iceland is so beautiful.

Jón Knútsson “Jón”

Transport Manager – Vehicles

My biggest passion has always been cars but what you will remember most about me is my laugh.

Þingvellir is my favorite stop because it’s very beautiful with a great history.

Katerina Bodorova “Kate”

Day Tours and Marketing Manager

I come from The Czech Republic and I have lived in Austria and Norway. I have worked as an accountant for several years, but after finishing my Master of Science in Economics and Management, I followed my heart and moved to Iceland. My great hobby is photography, so Iceland is a true paradise for me. Here at Gateway to Iceland I can combine my experience and knowledge in business and marketing as well as my photography passion. You can enjoy the photos in our Gallery.

My favorite place in Iceland is Kirkjufell because it’s a picturesque place and has a great atmosphere.


David Ostman “Dave”

Day Tours & Packages Coordinator

Hi, my name is Dave, and I am originally from The United States. After falling in love with Iceland a while ago (it’s a long story!), it was only a matter of time until I found a good reason to gain residency and move here in 2013. I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and an M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management from the University of Iceland. I continue to stay connected with the University working part-time as a landscape and wilderness researcher (what better country to do so!). I also keep myself busy attempting to learn this crazy Icelandic language and playing Rugby with the local Reykjavík club team.

To describe the beauty of Iceland in words would be an injustice. You just have to experience it yourself! Check out the Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant as part of our South Shore Adventure, which amongst other things, provides a very educational exhibition on how the natural heat of the earth is harnessed.


Sólveig Seibitz “Sólveig”

Day Tours Specialist

I am half Icelandic half Austrian and have lived all over the place including Malaysia and the United States but came to Iceland when I was 16. I graduated from the University of Iceland in business administration. I love to travel but nothing beats the wonderful Icelandic summers.

Skaftafell because it’s rather quiet compared to the other stops with a small hike ending at a beautiful waterfall.



Chief Entertainment Director and Office Therapist

Hi, my name is Kappi, and I’m from a farm in East Iceland. I was initially employed to round up sheep, but I grew tired of it once the sheep stopped listening to me. I felt my skills would be better utilized anyway sitting on laps and being rubbed constantly, so I traveled west to Reykjavík and found a good home with Dave and the rest of the Gateway crew. 

Andrés Andresson “Andrés A”


I am Andrés A. After more than a decade of teaching teenagers I swapped one classroom for another to become a certified guide from the Icelandic Tourist Guide School of Iceland. I love the open road, the outdoors and meeting cool new people. What a privilege it is to be a part of your discovery of Iceland!

My absolute favorite is the South Coast. There is just so much to see on the way, mountains, sand dunes, volcanoes, glaciers and so many interesting stops such as two amazing waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, my favorite regional museum at Skógar and the black beach at Reynisfjara with its basalt columns. I also love the bird life and spotting a puffin is an absolute treat for me.

Andrés Frímann Hannesson “Andrés F”


Hello, my name is Andrés. I graduated from a tourguide school in 2015 and I also have a bachelors degree in tourism management from the University of Iceland. I find it difficult to sit still and I love my job because I like spending time outdoors. I also like telling people about my crazy country.

Þingvellir national park is my favorite place in Iceland. It has such a fascinating history and unique geology. I really like how much the landscape changes between the seasons. In the wintertime everything is white and in the summer and the fall we have all kinds of colors in the national park.

Baldur Gylfason “Baldur”


Hello, I’m Baldur and was born and raised in Iceland but am strongly connected to Canada as well. I spent part of my childhood there and completed my university degree in psychology there as well. I have worked as a psychologist and as a mobility instructor for the blind before becoming a certified guide. I became a guide because what I have always enjoyed most was exploring this beautiful country and capturing it’s beauty in photographs.

My favorite place in Iceland is Reynisfjara beach.

Gauti Eriksson “Gauti”


I have been working in the tourism industry for twenty years. A teacher, tour guide and a photographer. Raised on a farm in the West Fjords. Interested in traveling and spending time with my family. What I like most about working for Gateway to Iceland is meeting interesting people, traveling around Iceland and taking photographs all at the same time. Like the flexibility of the tours and I can do things as I like to do them.

My favorite place is Djúpalónssandur beach in the Snæfellsnes tour.

Hilmar Bergmann “Hilmar”


Hi, I’m a business administrator who loves to get out of the office to show people around the beautiful island I love. I’ve been guiding all my life, first for my friends and family from abroad and then professionally for some years. I am a member of one of ICESAR’s (Icelandic association for search and rescue), the biggest rescue team here in Iceland which gives me the opportunity to experience Iceland in many different ways, plus giving back to the community.

My favorite place is Vatnajökull national park as a whole, especially Skaftafell.

Ian Sykes “Ian”


Hi, I’m Ian. The only Scot in the team and the only guide that is struggling with Icelandic. My wife and I came to Iceland in 2010, just after Eyjafjallajökull erupted. I had retired from over 50 years in the Hospitality and Tourism trade and University lecturing for over 30 years. Between us we run a small guesthouse, you will just have to ask why, when we meet!

My favourite place is Búðir, in our Snæfellsnes tour, the history, the quiet and the exclusive hotel. But have many other secret and favourite places.

Stefán Arngrímsson “Stefán”


Hi, my name is Stefán. Over the years I have tested my versatility in various professions. With university degrees in English, history, insurance brokerage, and public administration I still felt that I needed to find the line of work that would give me the utmost satisfaction. Having returned home from my first guiding assignment I knew I had finally discovered a trade where I could really be of use. I also found out that my dark resonant „basso profondo“ voice would be no less an asset when used for the purpose of historical narrative, than it has been on the opera stage for the past decades.

There are many places in Iceland that are unique, but one of my favourites has always been the national park of Skaftafell.

Trond Eiksund “Trond”


My name is Trond and I’m from Norway. I have been living in Iceland since 2000. I didn’t get the memo about the vikings moving to Iceland but I’m here now.

I have many favorite places in Iceland, usually the place I find myself at any given time, hopefully sharing it with someone.



I’ve been driving for 35 years but am the third generation of a barber. I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. I love to travel and frequently go fishing.

I love the Golden Circle, a lot to see and it is very beautiful.



I am a mechanic and have been driving buses for 15 years. I live in Selfoss a small town outside of Reykjavik and have been married for 45 years and have 4 children. I enjoy singing and am part of a church choir in Selfoss, I even attended music school when I was younger.

Awards & Testimonials:

We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for all years we have been operating 2011 – 2019 and we are a proud member of Tripadvisor’s Hall of Fame. Click to see our reviews:








We are also Top Rated on Viator.

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Gateway to Iceland gets great reviews from independent travelers because its minibus tours are smaller than the mass market ones, and for its interesting guides.

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The real benefit of doing a tour is that the guides truly do know what they’re doing and what to look for.  When we can’t see a thing in the night sky, their trained eyes can pick out clues about the lights, whether they’re likely to be seen and where.  My tour was fantastic



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