Gateway to Iceland

Reykjavík area pick-up locations

The City of Reykjavik has issued a ban of bus traffic in the downtown area. There are designated bus stops, all located at the edges of the ban zone.  City council estimates that “80% of accommodation within the affected area are within 200 meters from the closest [bus stop]”. 

PLEASE NOTE: These bus stops for tour buses are not the same as the bus stops for city buses. The tour bus stops have a blue pillar with pink bus sign at the top and the number and name of the bus stop. The city bus stops have a yellow “S” in a red circle (S as Strætó – city bus). Please do not wait at the city bus stops! 

Once you submit/confirm with us a specific bus stop, please meet us exactly at that bus stop and not any other. 

Pick up places 

If your accommodation is in the restricted area, you can find here your closest designated pickup location.
Please note, different companies may ask you to meet them at a different bus stop, so always check your voucher/communication with the tour operator. 

General information on pickups 

If you need help to find the closest hotel to your private accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us

Please be ready at your designated pickup location from the beginning of the pickup time. 

Pick-up times are given in the tours’ descriptions and generally take up to 30 minutes.
However, due to traffic conditions or having to locate guests, pickups may take longer.

Please make sure you do not board another company’s van or coach. Some do not check your voucher!
If you are not at the designated pickup location, we must not delay other guests. 

Drop-offs are provided at the same places as pickups unless otherwise arranged with the driver/guides. 

Please have your phone on and ready to receive a phone call during the pickup, if needed 
(and make sure you have provided us with a correct phone number to contact you).

NOTE there is no bus stop 2 or 7 at the moment due to construction and road changes.

Bus Stop 1 – Ráðhúsið, City Hall

Chez Monique
Embassy Luxury Apartments
Hotel Reykjavík Centrum
Kvosin Hotel
3 Sisters Guesthouse
Central Apartments
Centerhotel Plaza
City Center Hotel
Gallery Central Guesthouse
Guesthouse Álfhóll
Guesthouse Butterfly

Hotel Hilda
Hotel Metropolitan
House Of Spirits
Ocean Comfort Apartments
Lighthouse Apartments
Reykjavik Downtown Hostel
Ambassade Apartments
Castle House Luxury Apartments
Central Guesthouse
Luna Hotel Apartments – Laufásvegi 6
Luna Hotel Apartments – Spítalastígur 1

Bus Stop 3 – Lækjargata

1912 Guesthouse 
Apotek Hotel 
Centric Guesthouse 
Hotel Borg 
Konsulat Hotel Curio 
Radisson Blu Hotel 1919 

Bus Stop 4 – Miðbakki

Exeter Hotel 
Black Pearl 
Planet Apartments 

Bus Stop 5 – Harpa


Centerhotel Arnarhvoll 

Bus Stop 6 – Safnahúsið – The Culture House

101 Hótel 
Apartment K – Hverfisgata 14 
Apartment K – Ingólfsstræti 1a 
Apartment K – Skólastræti 1 

Apartment K – Þingholtsstræti 2-4 
Centerhotel Þingholt 
Loft Hostel 
Luna Hotel Apartments – Amtmannsstígur 5 

Bus Stop 8 – Hallgrímskirkja

Eric The Red Guesthouse 
Forsæla Apartments 
Freyja Guesthouse & Suites 
Gest Inn 
Guesthouse Aurora 
Hostel B47 
Hotel Leifur Eiríksson 

Hotel Óðinsvé 
Inga’s New Guest Apartments 
Loki 101 Guesthouse 
Mengi Apartments 
Our House Guesthouse 
Sunna Guesthouse 
Villa Guesthouse 

Bus Stop 10 – Hlemmur

100 Iceland Hotel
101 Guesthouse
4th Floor Hotel
Alda Hotel Reykjavik
Alfred’s Apartments
Alfred’s Studios
Apartment K – Laugavegur 74
Apartment K – Laugavegur 85-86
City Comfort Apartments
Centerhotel Laugavegur
Guesthouse Von
Heida’s Home
Hlemmur Apartments

Hlemmur Square
OK Hotel
Reykjavik4you Apartments – Laugavegi 85
Von Guldsmeden hotel
Aurora Apartments, Hverfisgata 78
Skuggi hotel
Grettisborg Apartments
Guesthouse Reykjavik 101
Guesthouse Snorri
Reykjavik Hostel Village
Stay Apartments Grettisgata
Igdlo Guesthouse

Bus Stop 12 – Höfðatorg (in front of Fosshotel Reykjavík)

Centerhotel Miðgarður

Bus Stop 14 – Skúlagata (corner of Skúlagata / Klapparstígur)

101 Skuggi Guesthouse
41 – A Townhouse Hotel
Apartment 37
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 3
Apartment K – Bergstaðastræti 12
Apartment K – Hvergisgata 37
Apartment K – Laugavegur 46
Apartment K – Lindargata 60
Apartments Aurora
Black Tower
Canopy Reykjavík | City Centre
Centerhotel Klöpp
Centerhotel Skjaldbreið
Domus Guesthouse
Guesthouse Óðinn

Guesthouse Thor
Guesthouse Turninn
Gray Tower
Hótel Frón
Ísland Apartments
Ion City Hotel
Old Charm Reykjavik Apartments
Reykjavik Residence Hotel
Reykjavik Residence Suites
Room With A View
Rey Apartments
Reykjavik4you Apartments – Bergstaðastræti 12
The Swan House Reykjavik Apartments


Airport Shuttle – FlyBus
Hótel Holt 
Guesthouse Anna 
Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Laufásvegur 41 

Guesthouse Baldursbrá – Tjarnargata 46 
Guesthouse Galtafell 
Guesthouse Lena 
Travel Inn 

Direct Pickup (Reykjavík)

22 Hill Hotel – Brautarholt 22-24
Arctic Comfort Hótel – Síðumúli 19
B14 Hostel – Faxafen 11
BB 44 Guesthouse – Nýbýlavegur 16
Bike Cave – Einarsnes 36
Brim Hotel – Skipholt 27
Bus Hostel – Skógarhlíð 10
Cabin Hótel – Borgartún 32
Capital Inn – Suðurhlíð 35d
Circle Hostel – Hringbraut 121
City Park Hotel – Ármúli 5
Downtown Reykjavik Apartments – Rauðarárstígur 31
Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel – Brautarholt 10-14
Fosshótel Barón – Barónstígur 2-4
Fosshótel Lind – Rauðarárstígur 18
Fosshótel Rauðará – Rauðarárstígur 37
Galaxy Pod Hostel – Laugavegur 172

Garðs Apótek, Sogavegur 108
Glæsibær bus stop
Grand Hótel Reykjavík – Sigtún 38
Grímur Hotel – Efstaland 26
Guesthouse Pávi – Brautarholt 4
Harbor – Miðbakki
Harbor – Skarfabakki
Harbor – Sundabakki
Hilton Reykjavík Nordica – Suðurlandsbraut 2
Hótel Ísland – Ármúli 9
Hótel Lotus – Álftamýri 7
Hótel Örkin – Brautarholt 29
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina
Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Natura
Kerno Apartments – Hringbraut 79
KEX Hostel – Skúlagata 28
Klettur Hótel – Mjölnisholt 12-14
Kringlan shopping mall (Orkan gas station on Miklabraut)

Lækur Hostel – Laugarnesvegur 74a
Mjódd bus station
N1 gas station- Ægisiða 102
Northern Comfort Apartments – Skipholti 15
Norðurey Hotel City Garden – Hrísateigur 14
Oddsson Hotel – Grensásvegur 16a
Radisson Blu Hótel Saga
REKinn – Skipholt 15
Reykjavik City Hostel – Sundlaugavegur 34
Reykjavik Domestic Airport (Reykjavíkurflugvöllur) – Þorragata 10
Reykjavik Lights Hotel – Suðurlandsbraut 12
Skeljungur gas station – Kleppsvegur 104
Stay Apartments Bolholt – Bolholt 6
Stay Apartments Einholt – Einholt 2
Summerday Guesthouse – Grensásvegur 24