Curiosity of Icelandic Beer

The odd thing, the thing that surprises tourists and even younger Icelanders (well those over 21), is that drinking beer was illegal until 1st march 1989. Yes beer was under prohibition! Strangely thought, you could drink spirits and wine, well if you could afford them.

And guess what? We have beer day every March 1st.

Iceland is renowned for the purity of the drinking water, no chemicals added, no extra treatment, just glacial water filtered by years of travel through the lava fields. We are so proud of our water we actual discourage guests from buying bottle water, just buy one bottle and refill. Plus the added bonus of removing plastic from the world. Our water sits at about 7.2 pH to 8.4 pH, so alkaline. That made it difficult for easy brewing but refined yeast and processes have conquered that little obstacle.

Today Iceland has one main brewery company, Egill Skallagrímsson, with their two iconic brands Gull and Boli, they do produce others, like the tomato beer for Friðheimar, tomato farm and restaurant. But Icelandic craft beers are making a big impact on the world scene, such examples are Einstök. There may be more on their way as at the last count we had 44 breweries.

Top 10 Must Taste Icelandic Beers and Craft Beers

  • Kisi Pale Ale 5,5%
  • Brio Lager/Pilsner 4,7%
  • Einstok White Ale 5,2%
  • Kaldi Lager/Pilsner 5%
  • Garun nr. 19 Imperial Stout & Porter 11,5%
  • Gaedingur Pale Ale 4,5%
  • Boli Premium Export Lager 5,6%
  • Egils Gull Light Lager 5%